05 Apr

Cisco’s Demo Thursday: WebRTC Codex

Jimmy Ray takes the covers off of a piece of WebRTC to cover the audio and video codecs required for this upcoming technology, gives a little bit of background history then offers his take on how this compares with H.264.


04 Apr


If you want to change the default image on your Cisco TelePresence Management Suite installation from


To something like this


The default image is stored on your Cisco TelePresence Management Suite server, in C:Program Files (x86)TANDBERGTMSwwwTMSstylesdefaultimages the image you want to change is the logo.png and it is 300×26 in size.

06 Feb

Automating Cisco TelePresence MCU backups

I’m responsible for managing a few Cisco TelePresence MCUs in my role, we have various models, 4210, 4505, 8510 and 8710’s.  I wanted a clean (and dirty) way to backup the cdr log and configuration without using TMS, my method uses FTP and the API.

I have a shell script configured to download the two xml files via FTP then launch a PHP script to clear the cdr log.

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21 Jun

Cisco re-brand Quad to Cisco WebEx Social and Callway to Cisco WebEx TelePresence

Cisco Quad, which was introduced in 2010, will now be known as WebEx Social and sport a number of new capabilities. The platform now offers Microsoft Office integration for using Word, PowerPoint and Excel capabilities within WebEx Social, and e-mail integration so that customers using e-mail clients such as Outlook can stay in those clients while they create content in the Cisco software.

Cisco also is adding new features to its WebEx Social iPhone and iPad clients that let users transition between social networking functions and UC tools such as IM and voice calls from their mobile application. Video users can also access browser-based video calling compatible with various Cisco and other video endpoints, mobile and soft clients.

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14 Jun

Tapping into the Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension (v1.0) API

I’ve been a bit quiet recently but I’ve been working on a project that requires me to talk to the new Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension for various functions, there is currently no documented API for this so I started digging…

On the local TMS server (with TMSPE installed) there is a web host running on Jetty that only accepts connections from its localhost, this gives you access to various functionality

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