20 Sep

Treesize Output in Linux

One of my favourite programs in Windows is the free utility from JAM Software, TreeSize free, it integrates into the Windows shell allowing you to right click on any drive or folder and display an overview of the space used and whats consuming it.

TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free

I wanted to emulate this in the Linux shell and found a few ways to do it.

du – estimate file space usage

One way to do it in Linux is to emulate it using the ‘du’ command, there are a few ways to do this but by far the best I’ve seen so far is a script written by Andrew Clarke.

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12 Apr

Cisco Video Communication Server Alarm Notification

I thought I’d finally sit down and learn how to Python – I wanted to do something useful with my first Python script so I decided to create an alarm notifier for the Cisco VCS.  I’m aware Cisco TMS generates tickets on Cisco VCS alarms (don’t think you get email alerts?) but what if you don’t have Cisco TMS or your Cisco VCS appliance can’t be actively monitored by Cisco TMS due to your network setup?

I’ll walk you through the steps to get this working, it’s pretty simple to setup and you can just leave it to monitor your Cisco VCS appliances/VMs.

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08 Apr

Automate Cisco Video Communication Server configuration backups

Last time I covered the TelePresence MCU backups crazyhorse made a great point that there isn’t a standard automated backup solution for the VCS configuration from Cisco, in this post I’ll walk you through setting up a simple shell script and CRON job to automate this.

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05 Apr

Cisco’s Demo Thursday: WebRTC Codex

Jimmy Ray takes the covers off of a piece of WebRTC to cover the audio and video codecs required for this upcoming technology, gives a little bit of background history then offers his take on how this compares with H.264.